Unique Wedding Bands ideas for men

Unique wedding band ideas are required for men, just as much as how women need them. The rings are a style statement, worn with a purpose. The options available in the market on wedding rings for men have gone up with time. The groom gets the opportunity to narrow their list and get the ideal accessory. The most elegant and unique styles of wedding bands have passed across generations.

unique wedding bands

Domed rings

The most classic choice of wedding bands for men includes the domed rings. These are tailor made and cut to suit the personalized desires of many grooms. The ones who are not used to wearing rings can opt for the domed fashion. This kind of accessory is not flashy and comes in different types of metals and designs.

Flat bands

The flat shaped bands are much more contemporary than the traditional ones. The style can be worn by both, the bride and her groom. The flat bands give the wearer a modern and sleek look. The ring can be shaped to have an extra touch of edge. This piece of jewelry is also offered with many options to pick from. The flat bands are perfect for hipster grooms. This is one of the most sought out ring patterns. Men need not restrict themselves to the plain simple bands. They can go for the popular patterns of twists. The two toned rings which are crafted with two metals are common among young grooms. The patterns of waves and weaves are also enjoyed by the new couples.

Gem Bands

Gemstones are precious and men do have an eye on it. The Diamond and Sapphire are the most precious but readily available stones. The rings need to be handled with extra care and concern. The work of the bands will surpass the plain ones as the stones need to be protected from damage or loss.

Silver Bands

The least expensive kind of wedding ring for men is made of sterling silver. This is ideal for weddings based on budgets. The soft metal silver is durable and ideal for regular usage. The element might need regular forms of polishing as it is prone to nicks and dents.

Platinum Bands

Gone are the days of the diamond, here comes platinum. The silver colored metal which is the most valuable one of all metals. The platinum bands are an exact choice for men. It is durable and extremely stylish. The fashionable entity doe has a price tag, which enacts to be its downfall.

Tungsten Bands

Now this is for science enthusiast grooms. The tungsten wedding bands which bring out the nerd in you. The metal is scratch resistant and inexpensive. It has a dark color which is preferred by many couples. Nevertheless it is not for men who do not fancy rings as it is heavy.

Gold Bands

Last but definitely not the least; Gold is serving the purpose of wedding rings for a very long time. The metal can be polished, carved and afforded. Everyone knows and loves gold. The wedding bands for men could seem tough, but watch out; there are many style options available for the groom too.

Make your wedding vows unique with unique wedding bands

Breaking with tradition

Traditional weddings are now giving place to weddings with ‘a twist’. From beginning to end, couples are trying to make their weddings ‘different’. Whether it is the venue of the actual ceremony, the celebration party, or all other traditions and arrangements connected with a wedding. There have been beach weddings, weddings ‘in the air’, weddings underwater – each idea germinating and looking for ways to be totally unique. Modern-day couples are looking for different and unique ways to start their married lives. With this strong unique flavor dominating all wedding arrangements, the idea of having unique wedding bands will not lag far behind. Wedding bands are the symbols of the eternal love the couples pledge to each other, so for sure they will also be affected by the unique trend certain couples wish to follow. The traditional simple wedding bands are now being ‘dressed up’ to make them one-of-a-kind designs. Designs which will be unique to that couple.

unique wedding band

How to acquire a unique touch

Some ideas which will contribute to making unique wedding bands would be: With the focus on a different look from the standard wedding band, designs are becoming more elaborate. Different metals are combined – like platinum and yellow gold. Floral patterns make any ring look elaborate and eye-catching. Precious stones such as sapphires, diamonds, emeralds, rubies are used to give the rings a sparkling unique look. The more intricate the design, the more unique is its appearance. The beautiful pink color of rose gold rings is very popular with brides.  A ring in this metal definitely looks classy and unique.

Your personal stamp on the rings

Though you would be able to find wedding bands as above in many top jeweler shops, chances are you might still land up having a ring similar to someone else, as shop designs can be and are often duplicated. So to make sure you have that unique design, it would be a good idea to order a custom-designed ring. Jewelers listen to what ring ideas the couple have in mind and then come up with distinctive designs. Sometimes a particular design in the showcase may catch your eye but because a duplicate could be bought by someone else, you refrain from selecting that particular ring. What you can do, is use the basic design of the ring and make changes to suite your personal taste. The precious stones can be changed, maybe two different metals used to achieve a different look. A dull look can be changed to a more polished finish, and vice versa.

Like any other personal belonging, if it carries your name, it definitely becomes an item unique to you. So also with unique wedding bands. These rings can be personalized by engraving certain details. Whether it is the initials of the couple, the date of the ceremony, or any other special information which they share, the rings so engraved will definitely be unique to them. If precious stones are used to decorate the rings, such stones could be the birth stones of the couple representing the months they were born in. Young couples need no longer stick to the tried and tested. If they want to be different, along with the other wedding arrangements, their wedding bands can also reflect personal tastes and get a unique touch.